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Clarke saved the day!

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About 10 days ago, I was coming home to Indiana from FT Walton Fla. I had no idea the magnitude of the storms that ripped Alabama up. It was horrendous. There was no electricity for about 200 miles. Those poor people.

I had taken off from FT Wal at 04:15, full tank in the Dakota, no breakfast. Cullman Al is the halfway point and where I usually fuel. No fuel at Cullman, kept going north, nothing, kept going, nothing. Dakota is waaaaay low on fuel. In desparation, I pulled over into one of the many "abandoned" gas stations. Fished an empty water bottle out of the trash. Had the KLX on back. Riding Eglin is a whole other story..... Draining the Clarke tank into the Dakota enabled me to limp on up the road far enough to get fuel and make it home.

Getting stuck in Al in the middle of that crisis would have been bad. May have sat there for days. Would have been nothing compared to what those poor people are enduring, tho.

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