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Brake upgrade advice needed

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Looking for advice for upgrading my 2009 DRZ400sm.

Is it worth it to go to a 320mm rotor?

Brembo caliper? Which one?

Master Cylinder upgrade?

If I pick up a set of Marchesini Wheels, should that decision

Be made first? Are there different brake setups for stock wheels

And Marchesini wheels?



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1. the very first step to brake upgrade is to change to a better set of brake pads..

2. Then would be changing to better brakelines that are steel braided..

3. Changing to 320mm rotor, but using stock caliper, therefore a need of a relocator for your stock caliper..

4. Change of brake master cylinder to 16mm or other recommended sizes like 14mm, Brembo RCS15, etc..

5. Change of caliper to Brembo Cast Radial Mount Caliper if you are still using stock rims..


6. if you are using Marchesini, you can consider Brembo Monoblock Radial Caliper.. Be reminded that this caliper can only fit Marchesini, NOT stock rim..


7. or if you are feeling rich, get the Billet calipers..

For me, I skipped step 3 as it's a wasteful step..

Just go ahead to get the full setup:

Brake master cylinder, steel braided lines, 320mm rotor, Brembo caliper and relocator..

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