Intake boot ripped in half

The intake book that connects the carb to the reed valve assembly ripped in half. I need to get a new one and i was wondering what will fit? Id prefferibly upgrade to boyeson or vforce however im on a tight budget.

Opinions on boyeson vs. vforce would be appreciated.

I used a Boyeson rad-valve in the past and it made a big difference, mine is all stock however I have seen a lot of people with the vforce.

I think the vforce is newer in design and most likely a better candidate.

I am thinking about getting a vforce myself.

Yeah im leaning towards vforce from what ive heard. But after a little research v force fits 88-08 rm 125, so a 01 v force 3 manifold will fit right on my 91 rm 125?

Maybe this was a stupid question? i just want to be totally sure before i spend then money on reeds

So how much of a difference does aftermarket reeds in the stock reed cage make?

Will a 1997 rm 125 intake boot fit on my 1991 rm 125?

As a professional engine builder, I have used both boyesen Rad valves and the v force system and can honestly say That the boyesen system is better. Bigger gains everywhere and you can port the aluminum Reed block. Go with the RAD valve

dtha thank you for the educated opinion, i will invest in rad valves soon in the future

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