marks in cylinder?

i had my 06 yz125 cylinder redone and after 3 hours of run time tore her down, there are some marks on the cylinder walls going up and down is it normal? i do not know what could have caused it besides maybe being to hard during break in

Try and get a pic up mate.

I get that everytime I do a piston change it looks horrible before cleaning and after cleaning it looks perfect again. Scorching marks most possible. A pic would be nice but after cleaning the jug.



i will try and and get a pic, what do you mean by cleaning, you mean de glaze or hone, or just clean it with carb cleaner?

Cant get in mate your better off copying the img code and pasting it into the post.

Me neither. I clean it with wd 40 and for some hard stained stuff I use oven cleaners with a lot of care.

I always get some scoring.

A quick clean with some carb or brake contact cleaner, using a scotchbrite pad always gives a perfect finish. Don't be afraid to give it a good scrub!

If the scoring is still there after a clean, or if you can feel the scoring with your fingernail, then you have a problem.


can you feel those marks with a fingernail?

nope cant feel em

Then you are lucky and can use the jug again, if worried send it of to one of the replating companies. Uschrome, Milenium, powerseal and who else does the plating. Everyone has different preferences. They are all easy to find.

Good luck


i just had it replated, 3 hours on the cylinder

Are those photos taken before or after cleaning?


i just cleaned it with carb cleaner

If you trust the plating go for it.

yes go for it it will only last another 50 hours

50 hours? should last more than that, the marks are not bad as they look, i talked to a friend who recently had there cylinder redone, and they said they had same marks, i just had the cylinder replated by U.S. chrome, the yamaha shop said it was fine.

in the one pic it looks like a deep score mark but its not, its a illusion, the wide mark is what im lookin at, what causes this, cause its new plating or what? think i need it honed

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