Decent Quality Low Cost Helmet Cam?

Hi Everyone,

Has anybody found a decent quality helmet camera for under 100.00?

Thanks for your help!


good luck finding "quality" and "low cost".

ive got a few ebay ones. i love them. for 13 bucks, the quality is great. its no gopro, but its a good camera.

there it is mounted on my 2003 r6. it is mounted directly onto the stunt cage which mounts right onto the motor, so when i get to about 8000+rpm, it gets vibrated a bit more than it can take

look up Epic cameras....

Picked mine up for $100 clearance at farm&fleet....

GoPro HD 960 FTW. 160 bucks for me.

If i were you i would just save up for a helmet cam ever

Oregon Scientific cameras are horrible, the video quality is ok, but 30-50* FOV makes them a waste of money.

Get a non HD GoPro hero, that is about as cheap as you can go without wasting your money

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