08 yz250f won't start!?!?!? Please help!!!

So heres the deal...i got the bike, and first thing i did was change the oil. On accident i overfilled it, and oil got all up in the top end and all that :bonk:So i drained all the oil out, put the correct amount of oil back in, and the bike fired right up, but it had a bog. I did some adjustments, didn't help. So i took the carb off, cleaned it out, and then it wouldnt start. So then i had the shop go through the carb to make sure i didnt do anything wrong, and now it just will not start. When i pull the plug it is a liitle wet, but not very significant. I also have a r&d accelerator pump. Whats the problem!?!?!? Carb adjustments??? PLEASE HELP i wanna ride...

Thanks, -Ethan

Did the shop mention that they did anything or find anything? Kind of strange it was working before you sent it to the shop and now after it's not working.

Did you check for spark?

it Has spark, and the shop said it was all go0d. I just dont know

A shopped worked on your bike, said everything was good and it will not start? Time to return the shop.

I had only took the carb into them, not the whole bike

Then how did the shop say it was 'good to go'?

You need to slow down, write a list of each thing you did, exactly what you did.

They said that the carb was all good...thats all i brought to them

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