New in the DRZ world, couple questions

Hey guys picked up a clean 05 drz400sm a couple weeks ago. Definalty the funnest bike I have ridden so far. Picked it up bone stock with low miles, mainly for a work commuter. Well I ordered a bunch of parts for it aleady, so far i have the Zeta handgaurds with the xc protectors with led blinkers, baja design fender eliminator kit, jd jet kit, and still have yet to recieve my ssw mrd exhaust.

So now for the question. For one thing I have always hated elictrical things. I went to install my zeta blinkers and i didnt install a resistor(bad idea :thumbsup:). Now all i get is a click and no start. Are there any hidden relays or fuses that i could have shorted? Anybody Install these with resistors and have any tips for me? For once we have a beautiful week and my bike is just sitting there.

Any help is appreciated



should be a straight forward instal, i don't have those but have fitted after market blinkers, you did something wrong, go undo or recheck your wiring, ialways left resitors alone, the fast blinking is no big deal to me or many to worry about..main fuse is above the battery.

Are you sure the battery is not dead?

When I installed my LED blinkers they acted the same as you're describing. I wired in 15 ohm, 10 watt resistors in parallel with each half of the circuit (one on right side blinkers, one on left side). That got everything working fine. Actually, I tried 5 ohm to 15 ohm and they all worked. I just picked the smallest that worked well that also didn't get too hot. One end of the resistor goes to chassis ground (neg), and the other lead ties into the hot going to (in my case) the front left and likewise for the front right. Tying into the rears should work equally well.

im not trying to offend you but have you checked the kill switch on the bars to see if you might have pushed it in without knowing

Got it all sorted out and put 80 miles on today. The guage cluster was showing everything normal but the battery must not of had enough juice to turn it over. Guess i shouldve looked at that first lol. Thanks for the responses guys, im sure there will be more stupid questions to come. Next up is the exhaust 3x3 mod and jet kit!

Welcome to TT, Where are the pictures of the bike?

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