Help!! blaster wont rev!!!


My 03 blaster has a problem. It runs and starts fine at idle but it wont rev it just bogs but it doesnt shut off, cleaned the carb well. whats the problem?

Edited by YamahaRider33

Make sure the choke is not on

reeds air filter clean the carb thats what its on the line of intake if it just bogs u could have a pice of dirt ni the seat restricting fule flow the reeds could b sticking if u mix ur gas to ritch air filter could be dirty restricting air flow not anough air to the amount of gas thats a bog thats what ide chek

well i done all that.. im thikin its the reeds

have u been in mud check exhaust to see if its restricted

Also be sure emergency brake is returning all the way in perch 03 and up came with throttle override

possible carb rebuild.

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