Maxxis Sur Cross Soft Terrain Tire Vs. Dunlop D756 Soft Terrain Tire

Ok idk which tire I should go with? I am starting to race motocross and Idk which tire would be better between these two?

thanks for all replies:thumbsup:

Neither in my opinion the Bridgestone 403 front and 404 rear good on all surfaces and get pretty good life out of them. the dunlop seemed to have no edge when lauing into a corner and have never ran a maxxis

Well, your choice is narrowed by 50% since Dunlop doesn't make the D756 anymore.

Personally, I don't like Maxxis tires. Great wear, next to zero grip.

I'd second the B-Stone 403/404 recomendation.:thumbsup:

the maxxis wears great, but i never liked the feel going into corners, michelins would be my pick

I can order the dunlop, from rocky mountain atv.

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