Another Emo Arizona Racing Video...

This one carries segments from several different races over the last three years.

As usual I weave a depressing song into the mix to bring forth the feeling of the struggles and successes involved in offroad enduro racing here in Arizona.


I have to re-tweak some sync issues, and add a snippet or two, but this is a near final draft.

BTW, that would be Steve Hatch of at the beginning of the organ instrumental.

Man, now I can't wait for Amra this fall!!! :thumbsup: Great video!

good job, cool video..

dude, your video made me cry

Sorry about that... :thumbsup:

I made some alterations -- 20% more emo.

Some minor changes -- (altered transitions, re-synced, captioning, swapped some video).

Here are the links to v2.

Great vid!

nice vid

This is a great video because it shows the down times of racing!!! unfortunately I can relate hahaha but a bad day of riding is better than a great day at work/school

No doubt. :thumbsup:

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