Hi all

Just thought I'd say hi, jus got a 07/08 KLX450R got loads of issues to sort from the previous monkey. So look out for lots of post's.


this forum is a goldmine. i have never had a bike dialed in so fast. bring it on.

welcome to the club pal! We're here to help:ride:

OK list so far, Battery/starter, fork seals, front wheel bearings, rear shock, HEL brake lines to long (rubbing), Throttle cable to short and one snapped, Clutch cable to short, runs like a bag of spanners, chain guides worn right through, wont run for long, the coolant system seems pressurised, cheap aftermark ill fitting hoses.

Deep breath, and that's before I've opened the engine. (this bike has had a hard life)

Don't fret I got a good deal, :thumbsup:

Pressurized cooling system means your Head Gasket Is Shot. To be HONEST, I would replace the piston, rings & probably your valves need attention. Your KLX was not treated well by the PO & the BASTARD SHOULD BE SHOT!!!!!! I hope you got a good deal, because your looking at about $800 US dollars to do the top end. The other stuff is nickel & dime stuff.

Yeah it's all good, and yes the last owner had no idea but did spend loads of money on bling bits... lol:banghead:

Start with the basics. You'll get it back in shape. Sounds like you've got a good idea where to start and a good laundry list. That top end is easy, except the valves readjw mentioned.

The bike is worth the effort for sure.

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