Trial Riders Meet in SoCal


Does anyone know of a trials rider meet or anything in southern California? Is there a place where I can watch trials riders riding? I've thought about getting into trials riding, but it's no small investment, and I'd like to see some local riders, maybe even try it myself before I make any investments. Thanks.

Rode several hours of trials yesterday with six or seven of the So Cal guys (and girls) at a local trials-only area. Loving my new (to me) 2008 Gas Gas Raga 250. We'll be riding this weekend but the location is 4/5 hours north of LA. In two weekends we'll be back to the local practice area. I can bring my Scorpa for you to try it out... PM me and I'll hook you up.

You might also find the Southern California Trials Association website interesting:


Got an '07 GG 300 Pro FS.

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