Just got my 2011, got a few questions

1. I'm coming off an 08 crf450 so first thing I noticed is where the heck is the hot start? Why doesn't this bike have one?

2. Noticed people on here were having problems with the 120 tire chewing up knobbies and mud guard with the chain, should I switch to a 110?

3. Seems like I have to pull the clutch all tbe way to the bar for it to stop, is there a cheap and easy fix for this?

4. I'm 170lbs without gear and already planned on getting .48 fork springs, you think the rest of the suspension is good enough to not need a full re valve or linkage? I ride nothing but MX tracks and am a intermediate-novice rider.

Any help is much appreciated guys, thanks!

There is no hot starts on fuel injected bikes, they don't need one. The suspension should be good for your weight just play with the clickers and set the sag.

Thanks for the info. The thing that bothers me the most is how stuff the clutch lever is and the fact you have to pull it all tbe way back to the bars. I had a works connection elite perch on my 08 and that thing was buttery smooth. Maybe that might help out in this situation.

I wonder if it has to do with the 4 spring clutch, hinson makes a 6 spring clutch basket. I would try the perch first and see. I know on my 08 the stock clutch is stiff, I even stole shawn_mc idea and made a piece for the bracket on the engine to eliminate flex.

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