Need help on clicker settings for 07 -10 WR450f - stock

Just got a nice used 2007 WR450f that is all stock in the suspension department. Have not even ridden it yet. I know I need heaver springs but that is not in the budget just yet. It has new fluid in forks and new fork seals. I weigh about 205# with gear. Give a what you think I should set the front and rear clickers at for a starting point. I ride trails and am not into overly fast riding or big air jumps. Standard Norther California single track stuff.

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I replaced springs front and back for my weight and set clickers all to standard as per manuel for trail riding. You might consider Racetech goldvalves for the front forks.

Once I get the finances I will have it done right but for now just wanted the experiences of people using stock clickers.

forks are a joke, in std set up, plus the as I discovered when fitting gold valves, the nuts on the mid valve weren't torqued down and hence holding the shims against the valve resulting in very little rebound damping

Forks use a unique base valve set up which is nothing more than a blow off valve

Result is harshness over small bumps and tree roots yet they bottom out off relatively small jumps

No amount of adjusting the clickers or changing oil will sort this flaw out

Save your pennies and do the gold valve conversion in order to get a proper shim stack arrangement for the base valves in the forks

just go with the standard manual settings for the clickers until you've ridden it and understand what you what to change

I don't know how much gear you wear/carry so I input 190 pounds as the weight before gear on an 07 WR450F/off-road/standard tank.


Recommended Rear Shock Spring Rate: 5.60 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.3 kg/mm (stock)

And here's a tutorial on proper rear sag:

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