2001 yz426 starting problems

Man this bike is hard to start....

any one have tips? A tried and true drill?

yes. I had one that was a plug fouler and after a new carb, and some jetting it starts on the first or second kick and runs great. So here is the drill. If you are not fouling plugs, turn the gas on, pull the choke, and then kick to top dead, pull comp. release, kick it over 20 deg. or about three inches, and then give it a full kick. That should start within 3 kicks, if not check your plug and if its fouled it won't start. Then you need to read the "foul mouth foul plug" entry and fix that problem. Good luck.

Press the kickstart untill you feel resistance. Then pull in the decompression lever and mover the kick start 1 to 2 inches more. Left off the decompression and let the kick start move back up to the top. Kick it and it shall start.

Do NOT give it gas. It will kick back on you and not start. Just pull the choke out if its cold outside.

If it does not start repeat process. I can start mine every time with one kick with mochissons on.



01 WR426 WR timing, uncorked.

My 01 was hard to start also. I changed the pilot jet from the stock #42 to a #48 and turned the fuel screw out one turn from closed. That made a HUGE difference in starting. Infact, there is no need to use the hot start button anymore.

These bikes come lean from the factory for some reason.

I got this info from this board BTW.

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