cooling fan for tm

Hi there, i'm looking to install a electric cooling fan on my 2010 tm300 for erzberg. Going to be very hot and slow going so think it would be something to have. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions on a fan make. I plan on removing the front light so will run it off that for power.

Alot of rad fans will bolt up with mods. Try a yami WR fan or a KTM. I suggest running a glycol/waterless coolant and make a catch tank for the overflow. If you run waterless coolant,make sure the rad cap is good,add a catch tank and are able to keep engine temps low-you may not need the fan. I have yet to boil my 250,but the 300 does tend to boil a bit easier. Good luck at the race!

Oh-alot of guy use the light switch or the map switch to turn the fan on or off.I would definitely wire it,that if you have an electrical issue-you can easily cut out/diagnose the electric issue.

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