Intermitent clutch slipping? Xr650R

I noticed what appears as my clutch slipping on fireroads yesterday. Only in

5th gear under power. I couldn't make it slip consistently but it seemed to come and go.

I thought once it started slipping it would consistently slip? I installed a new clutch and springs 1500 miles ago, so I'm pretty confident the plates and springs are in top shape.

I'm wondering if there is something else worn out?

Any idea's.

Did you happen to use a multigrade oil when your did your last oil change? multi grade oils can make a wet clutch slip under heavy amounts of torque i.e. gassing it in 5th.

I had the same problem and after an oil change with the right oil my problem dissappeared!

food for thought, my mistake might prevent someone else's misfortune. Best of luck with getting the problem fixed. Let us know how you go

Yes, I think I am using multi grade oil. Castrol GTX 10/40. I know it's car oil but I've been using it for the last 20K miles with no problem.

It occurred to me that Castrol may have change the formula recently? I know that's possible.

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