MX tracks on Long Island


Hey folks. First post here. So I did my first ever motocross track day yesterday at Island Motorsport. Needless to say, my knees are bruised and swollen, and I'm currently looking for a left radiator for a 2000 YZ125 if anybody has one for cheap. I wish I'd noticed how cheap knee/shin guards were online when I ordered my helmet and all that. Should have a pair by next weekend...

So anyway, I'm just wondering how the tracks work around here. At LIMX, the website mansions a membership fee and a practice fee, but when I rolled up yesterday, they just said it was a practice day and it was free... which sounded awesome to me. Is it always like this, or was that just a special thing because it was the day before a race?

The other track, ClubMX in Ronkonkima, has a website that's been under construction for as long as I can remember, so I was wondering if somebody could enlighten me as to the whole membership/payment goes over there. I'm not looking to race for a while. My plan is just to show up at the track every Saturday and practice.

I've only ever done go kart racing or sport bike track days, and It's just such a damn joy to not have to wake up at 4:45am, drive for 2 hours and pay for two bridges to just have a fun day at the track. I'm from Farmingdale, and I didn't even leave on Saturday until 12:45 or 1pm... most relaxing track day ever... despite the bruised knees and broken radiator... oh yeah, and a flat front tire too. I don't even know how that happened.

By the way, does anybody know of any other cheap riding opportunities on LI, or are those two MX tracks it?

clubmx charges $1000 for the year.

LIMX charges are all on the website, $150.00 annual membership and $35.00/day or $1200.00 annual membership and unlimited practice(also opens up more weekdays). It was probably free because of the XTreme series race Sunday.

There is also a facility trying to open in Calverton, but I don't know what the status is.

Yep I saw the info on the LIMX, was just wondering if that changed. Still a good deal though. ClubMX sounds like a good deal too, though I don't think I'll have that cash liquidity for a little while. Ohwell. Thanks for the info!

both tracks will ecepet payments, but i just do limx i pay early and they charge $120 membership then $35. i never go to li enough for it to pay.

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