2008 yz250f handlebar issues

Hey guys, i have a 2008 yz250f. After the bike has been sitting for a while(couple of days) with the wheel turned all they way. It seems stiff and i have to like break it loose. After i rotate it back and forth a couple of time is seems pretty smooth. any ideas?

the steering itself or the wheel, if its the wheel you are going to need to bearings, if its the steering youll need to explain

it is the bearings in the steering stem. the seals that seal them from water and dirt getting in the bearings suck on yz's. if u have caught it early enough you may be able to just grease the bearings and be good. if you have replace the bearings and the seals. you can buy the set here on thumpertalk. but you wont be able to replace the bottom bearing unless you have a press. you may be able to take it to the shop and have them press it. but the easiest is to just take it to the shop.

you can hit off the bottom bearing with a punch if you wont. but yeah you probably need replace them. think it might be to late to re-grease. its easy enough just do it your self. buy new bearings and seals. make sure to pack them with grease before you install them.

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