Dual sport for 250-lb guy: XRR vs KTM vs ?

So, it takes at least an hour and a half for me to reach any legal off-road riding areas. I'd like to build riding skills at the muscle memory level, so using the controls and moving around on and with the machine becomes instinctive and automatic, but I'm not getting seat time in. I think multiple days a week will ultimately be needed to get where I want to be, and that's never going to happen with any consistency on my YZ. I'm thinking that a good dual-sport machine would let me do some work commuting and around-town stuff on two wheels now, and as I got more comfortable, have some longer adventures cross-country that a green-sticker machine can't do. Like a Jeep, but cheaper and a lot more fun.

I'm 6'4" and 250 lb, so the weight of a bigger, dirt-focused bike isn't really intimidating. I don't want to get into the touring-focused bikes with fairings and ridiculous weights. I generally want to keep away from the Euros and exotics just for simplicity, low maintenance, etc. I read enough about KTMs that sounds exactly like the issues with BMW cars that it rings true, and I just don't want to go there. I like the way Japanese machines are put together.

It's crossed my mind that it would be pretty sweet if Yamaha did a reverse-less Raptor 700 motor in a big WR-like frame. Of course, that's not gonna happen.

One friend has repeatedly suggested I just put knobbies on a DRZ-400 SM, since it comes with the plate and the stiffer suspension should actually work okay for me if I don't get too aggressive in the dirt. My understanding is it's almost as heavy as an XRR, and might be a little sluggish with my weight (and some basic baggage) at elevation and highway speeds. Any thoughts?

The KTM 525 dual-sports are compelling due to being newer and maybe a little lighter and better handling than a BRP, but from what I've read, the engines are more like a 450 as far as maintenance. Can anyone convince me it's worth trusting one?

I really like the XRR's lower maintenance requirements, as I'd like to put more miles on it. There is almost always at least one plated XRR for sale within a reasonable distance of me. I understand the street registration needs to be current to carry over to a new owner reliably.

I remember reading threads last fall discussing prices for XRRs, and that they should change hands well under $3k. Seems like the CL ads start there and go up significantly. Is $3k with some extras like the BD dual-sport kit (of course, pretty much goes with the plate), big IMS tank, exhaust, etc. a decent deal right now?

If it sounds like I think I want a BRP and am just asking what's currently a good price for a plated one in SoCal, that's probably about 80 percent of it.

Okay, lots more reading about plates being pulled by Sacramento, how they officially aren't transferring plates to new owners, etc., I start looking for a Husky TE610. Have two options: an '06 with ~600 miles for about $4k and an '09 with even lower miles for $6500. Thoughts?

Okay, lots more reading about plates being pulled by Sacramento, how they officially aren't transferring plates to new owners, etc., I start looking for a Husky TE610. Have two options: an '06 with ~600 miles for about $4k and an '09 with even lower miles for $6500. Thoughts?

06 is carbed :ride:

An 06' with only 600 miles ? That is a great find as it is barely broken in. That is a tough

choice if you're interested in FI and the 09' must be pretty much new. Can't go wrong

either way. I've got an 06', great bike, but JD Jetts and LV Slip on are almost must-do-mods, Power -up kit for the 09 (if it hasn't been done already) is highly recommended.

Jump on one of those deals soon. You'll be happy you did.

What have you read about the KTMs that lead you to believe they are over-rated? Ive found quite the opposite to be true. I know a couple of guys that have over 300 hours on the original top ends of their 450 EXCs.

I would be very cautious of a 5 year old bike with 600 miles...it should look almost brand new with minimal wear...check out the rotors, sprockets, frame, and engine cover wear. I know they exist because I have bought one or two, but they are few and far between.

Get a 650L! They Rip!:ride:

I went riding this weekend and some guy was tearing the place up on a big red pig (honda 650). It was awesome!

Get a 650L! They Rip!:ride:

I did think about getting a 650L and putting it on a serious diet to make it more like a 600R, but that's a lot more of a project than I want to start right now in this area of my vehicular world. I know every time I was digging into another part of it, I'd be thinking, "Why am I not out riding?" Plus, I already have a four-wheel turbo conversion going on.

The Husky needs a lot of little things looked after, but it's all just prep and setup. None of it is a science project attempting to significantly re-engineer the bike.

RE KTM: After 9 years of BMW car ownership and working on a lot of other German stuff, I've grown to really be pissed off at the concept of "superior German engineering." It's total B.S., and all the little details on KTMs just remind me too much of my BMW. I shouldn't be able to walk up to a bike and see things I hate. I know they're Austrian, but Austria to Germany is like Canada to the U.S.: different, but not really. Plus, a muddy safety orange isn't my favorite color.

The Husky may actually be worse than a KTM, but it's Italian and I'm not pissed off at those engineers yet. Maybe it's like a new girlfriend: You know she's going to eventually be a pain in the a** just like the last one, but she hasn't yet, so you just roll with it and enjoy the new.

bmw owns husqvarna

out of curiosity, what little detail reminded ou of bmw?

a 650l wouldnt be bad being that you allready have a yz for hardcore riding. their decent on the street and ok on the dirt. probably be a decent "not great" bike in the desert if thats the type of terrain your riding.

The older single cam KTM is pretty easy to live with. The XRR is a little easier to maintain, I've had both. The KTM comes with a good carb. The XRR carb is pure rubbish. My XRR has a FRC41 carb wedged in there, with a pod filter and some other tricks. Absolutely no comparison. Honda should have come across with a decent carb for that thing and it would have sold much better.

On Husky. The local dealer here bombs out non-current ones pretty cheap.

Why dont you ride some KTMs and do some research before ruling them out of your choices? BMW has absolutely nothing to do with KTM. They are in adjacent countries? Really? I can respect someone who has owned/ridden a KTM or knows people personally who have had bad experiences with KTMs....and has formed an opinion based on that information. However, basing a motorcycle purchase on a car company that is located in an adjacent country doesnt really hold water. For the record, I wouldnt own a BMW either.

I did think about getting a 650L and putting it on a serious diet to make it more like a 600R,

I dont understand why you think you need to put the 650L on a serious diet?

The bike is only a little heavier than a 650R. I would understand needing a 650R if you planned on racing it in Baja, but the L is a very capable off/on road machine that is super easy to maintain and bullet proof, proven for years.

Id love to invite anyone riding who thinks the L cant perform off road, they will be in for a shocker!:ride:

I care about weight, sorta. I've been around long enough to know the pros and cons and be comfortable with my decision.

I did the deal on the '06 TE610 over the weekend. 642 miles. Flew out to ride it and check it over. Started instantly, all the gears there, shifts sweet, great brake. Looks almost brand new. Hardly a scratch, just a few light scuffs from pants on the plastic, never been down. Still has the rubber in the footpegs and the passenger pegs on it, squid stripes on the shoulder blocks (if that applies in dirt). Chain is a little dirty, I guess you could say that bad about it. Will be a couple weeks before it's delivered, but I'm pretty happy. :thumbsup:

Bike was in LA on the evening of the second business day after I dropped it off at the freight company in the midwest. Picked it up the next afternoon. Perfect condition.

I can recommend www.stidelivers.com. They have a regular program for shipping bikes. Even gave me the cover they had over it during shipment.

Cool, congrats. On another note, I have thought for a couple years now that it would be nice to own a 2007 KTM 525 exc. Last year of the RFS engines, and first year of the EXC coming street legal from the factory. I had a 2005 450 MXC for awhile, and that engine was great. They have a reputation for being very reliable.

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