Rear brake went out and I don't see whats wrong

After dropping the bike on the right side while offroading, the rear brake just stopped working. There was brake fluid on the swingarm right next to the brake disc. Now that I've cleaned that area and refilled with more fluid, I don't see any leaking anywhere. The oil stays in the fill box but there is zero brake pressure. The brake light isn't coming on either. What could be wrong?

need to bleed the air out of the lines

as for the light, inspect lever and see if lever contacts switch

was brakeline loose or did you poke a hole?

need to bleed the air out oth the lines

as for the light, inspect lever and see if lever contacts switch

I did bleed it but ill do it again. The switch works when I short it with pliers, so I'm guessing there isn't enough brake pressure to activate the switch?

I can't see any hole,.and nothing is loose.

EDIT: another bleed fixed the problem. Brake works and the light works too now. I don't get it, how is it possible for it to just stop working like it did without there being a cut in the line or something like that? I stomped on the brake a bunch of times right now and no fluid leaking anywhere.:thumbsup:

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When I was riding in the desert earlier this year I had a flat rear tire. Too late to change it at night (too lazy also) so changed it in the morning. Did a standard tire change no big deal have done it many times with the bike on a lift stand. Put wheel back on the bike and went for a quick ride.... Uh oh no rear brake.... crash... Turns out that somehow an air bubble got into the rea brake line which caused me to have no brake. Bled it and replaced the fluid with new and all was good. Took 5 minutes to bleed completely and refill. Should do it once a yaer anyway.

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