is this normal for exhaust hanger

took passenger peg's off and replaced exhaust side with cheap ebay bracket. 1st ride the 2 main bolts fell out and it was just hanging on by the exhaust hanger bolt. I replaced 2 main bolts and glued them in with engine silicone so as it wouldn't be too difficult to get back out but won't fall out from vibrations. Anyway the bolt's haven't fallen out but i have noticed that the hanger bolt is loose when warm but tight again when cool. I assume this is heat expansion as the screw isn't coming undone it just looks like it's been pushed out the bracket by a couple of mm. Is this normal? I never noticed that with the rear peg hanger but i never looked either?

Well i didn't get a reply so ill answer this myself. I noticed today that the screw was too long for the new bracket and was touching the exhaust pipe, i can only assume either the pipe expanded or the heat transfer made the screw expand or a bit of both.. I used a smaller screw and all is well :-)

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