CR80 crankcase, how to get together? Tool not made in USA?

2000 CR80, trying to get the two crankcase halves to go together. Crank and transmission all installed in the right crankcase, I just need to get the left crankcase bearing to press onto the crankshaft so I can get the engine back together.

My manual says there is a Honda tool that attaches to the crankshaft on the left side that is not available in the how the heck am I supposed to get these cases together? Is there a generic tool or some other way?

with the bearing pressed into left case,set case bearing on top of 200 watt light bulb,a trouble light without shield works great,heat bearing without damaging mag seal,case should slide right together

Is the bearing installed into the case already? I just did a bottom end on a CR85 (2003).

It is hard enough to sink the bearings into the case, much more onto the crank. You can heat the bearings and freeze the crank if you want to get away without using a puller, but I doubt it can be pulled off. The tool was worth the money in my opinion. To drop the bearings in I heated the crank case with a propane torch around where the bearings seat and froze the bearings in Dry Ice for an hour. They just drop right in without any play

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Thanks for the link and tips!

I heated the bearing and froze the crank and got the bearing most of the way seated, but there is a little less than a cm left before the cases come fully together. The bearing/crank equalized temps before I was able to line up the gasket and pins and push all the way. Not sure if it will bind the bearing/strip the threads, but is it possible to suck the case together the rest of the way with the 10 case bolts?

I would never use the case bolt. There should not be a problem with the case seating if everything is incorrectly. Make sure all you dowel pins (The small round pins that go around any case bolts) are seating correctly, along with the big one the swing arm goes through. If you find one that is stuck, I took a flat head and tapped it with a hammer very lightly all the way around.

This may help you, it did me:

There are three parts

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