Kdx 220 wont start

Alright I need some serious help. I went riding last weekend with my friends and my bike did fine no problems. I like to start my bike up each day so the next day or so i did and it was fine. However a few days later it just wont kick start for me. I tried roll starting it and nothing. I already changed the plug and that wasn't the problem so i need some help what else could it be?

Do you have spark, good fuel, and good compression?

I just Changed the spark plug and the gas must be fine because i rode on it all weekend and i dont really know anything about compression but i havent messed with anything since i went riding

and yes there is plenty compression when i try to kick start my bike

Spark - just because you changed your spark plug doesn't mean you have spark. Did you visually verify that you are getting spark? Pull plug from engine and reattach to plug wire. Now touch the threaded end of the plug to a grounded part of the frame/engine. This is easiest with someone to give you a hand. WARNING!!! DO NOT hold the plug as you can get shocked while checking the spark! Now, kick the bike and watch the plug. Do you see a nice, fat spark?

Fuel - are you sure you are getting fuel into the carb? Pull the line to the carb and turn on the petcock to verify fuel is coming through the line. Is the fuel getting into the carb? With the fuel line reattached, and petcock on, lean your bike over and see if fuel comes from the carbs overflow line. No fuel = float stuck.

Compression - I doubt it is the compression but the only way to know if you have good compression is to check with a compression gauge.

Thanks so much ill be sure to check these all here shortly and let you know

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