Loud mouth?

Anyone running the Loudmouth air filter set up? Looking at pics it seems to reduce the opening dramatically over stock and I was wondering what effects you may have noticed, positive or negative.

I ran it on my '09 KX450F and was very happy with results. It improved throttle response and low end torque. It took about an hour to install and made filter changes super easy. I will probably get one for my new 2010 pretty soon.

It has a nice hose clamp seal, but be sure you reach down underneath and make sure you have it on all the way.

I put mine on when it was brandy new so I can't tell you the performance difference, but I can tell you filter changes are easier now. I used to grease around the filter rim but don't have to now. It also eliminates the backfire screen and that screen scared me on the KX because it's part of the airbox, and if something fell off when I was removing the filter it could get past that screen and then what? On my YZ's the screen came out with the cage so I could look with a flashlight and be sure the throat was clean.

Mine is a positive review.

thanks for the feedback. I'll have to look into this a little more seriously.

I had one on my RMZ250....been wanting to get one for my 450. It gave my RMZ faster throttle response, plus filter changes were easy and fast. I would recommend it.

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