looking for awesome video

a few years ago i seen a video here of some guy on an SM,it was about 11 min long he was being followed by another guy on a SM. Seems like it was in Europe some where if any old skoolers remember please send a link. if you seen this vid you would remember insane riding passing between cars in wheelie mode.

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nope but heres a cool one i like to watch every now and again..

that is awsome :thumbsup:

mcaleer1s video has to be it.....watched that video over and over......sooo mentally good

mcaleer1 thats the one thanks i needed that fix that is one awesome video

Better quality.

Not a supermoto but still some impressive, stupid riding. It would be fun to know if any of these guys in these videos are still alive.

I like how he almost gets in an accident at 0:27, before he even gets going. SO lucky...

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In a way there is a tard in this video just not a motard.

excellent thread! :thumbsup:

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