CONGRATS TO MEXIHONKEY: 1st Place Mexican 1000

Props to Gabe.

Missed the finish by 1 day (in Cabo on vacation)

My buds managed a 19th overall in a custom Manx.

I am planning for that race some day.

Most likely in a cage though.

I did have some "Rip" ride guys on my flight home.

One dude was jacked up from a wad up 60 miles from the finish.

Ended up in a wheelchair (not permanent- just really jacked up)

Tough week in Baja.

Once again- major props Gabe.

For those of you who don't know Gabe, He soloed the Baja 1000, in 2010 in 27 hours truly a incredible feat congrat's Gabe on the NORRA victory, this one must of been a stroll in the park for you

Dave Smoljan

way to go gabe

Congratulations Gabe! Well done...again.:thumbsup:


Congrats - I think a race recap is in order. Its not too often you hear about an XR600 going all the way to La Paz anymore.

Congrats to Gabe for his win!

Congrats to Ted Baker & Nick Petersen for their 250 class win!

BBM moto adventures prepped and supported their race efforts - good show, 4 out of 4 finishers.:thumbsup:

Spectated in SF that morning under our Husqvarna tent just past the last Pemex station in town, watching bikes and vehicles go by from 1100-1630. Everyone looked good, even spotted an older Husky. Way to go, all of you that competed!:thumbsup:

Congrats Gabe;

A group of us were down riding in Loreto where you finished for the day.

I saw Gabe cross the finish line on the waterfront (in front of the new Mission Hotel)

Followed by Larry Rossler (much shorter than I thought) but still very fast in the desert on a bike.:smirk:

Hay Gabe; I spoke to the guys in the VW Manx costume (LUCKYS FAB SHOP) ; they said you were smoking it thru the worst section and they had no idea how you were able to rip like that and not get a flat/ or stay up on your bike.:smirk:

Congrats Gabe!

... surely something to behold!

Congratulations Gabe! :smirk:

When Mexihonkey drops in.... I would love to hear how it was to rip on the XR600 and what the adjustment was like coming off the CRFX platform.

I don't know if all the Baja guys and gals here have seen pics of ol' "double zero" on Gabe's Facebook page but it's quite the beast for sure. Would've loved to been trackside for a Mexihonkey flyby on that bad boy... :smirk:

Amazing stuff Gabe! Congrats.:smirk:

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