older honda rincon carb help?


i had a neighbor ask me for some help on his bike the other day. the carb is running gas straight out of the motor. he replaced the cracked line on bottom of carb witch i assume is the overflow? it has a small black fillter on the end of it? is that right? were else would it be coming from? and advise is needed thanx.

Most likely the float is out of adjustment or there is a bit of grit stuck under the needle, holding it open. Fuel should be coming out the overflow tube. The tube at the bottom of the bowl, is for draining the carb, and there will be a screw you turn for that.

is the line out of the bottom the over flow? if not what is? should it have a filter?

The bottom should be the drain, and there will be a screw that opens the valve. If it is leaking from the drain tube, then that valve is bad.

Overflow, will be somewhere else up higher.

what would i call this valve to order a new one?

needle and seat valve

any chance you could tell me were this screw is? gas is coming out the line and back of carberator into air filter area?

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