no power mid range

ok about 3 weeks ago my bike started to bog or load up in the mid range and take a while to get through to the high rev. since this time i rebuilt the top end cleaned the power valve, got a test on stator and coil and they checked out, cleaned carb twice, changed oil crank seal because that is what kawasaki in tomball told me was the problem and that did not work so where do i go from here and by the way the bike is not smoking that bad but it is spluging like crazy and the jets are factory spec.

What pipe combo do you have on your bike? Also what about reeds? Did you repack your silencer? Did you clean or get a new air filter and oil it? Is your power valve linkage hooked up? Are your powervalves working correctly?

If temp got warmer, you may need to lower the needle to lean the mid range.(move the clip up 1 or 2 slots) But then again, it wouldn't hurt to reset all the jets for the right temp.

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