Finger Lakes Information Needed


We have explored st. joe state park and want to try something else. Anyone ride at finger lakes state park? I know they have an MX track, but how are the trails? Are they dirt bike friendly or mainly for ATVs? We are kind of newbies. If you are not an MX track rider, could you make a full day of riding beginner to intermediate trails at Finger Lakes? Thanks in advance.

Last I remember finger lakes had a lot of trails closed off. This was a few years ago, rumor has it they opened back up. I remember everything being nothing but a bunch of mud holes. Theres a lot of big hills there that might not be for everyone. I think you can get around most of them. I'd like to get an updated opinion on this as well.

I haven't ridden there since 06' maybe? Last I knew the trails weren't bad as long as it hasn't been raining a bunch. That place is NO fun when it is muddy. You will get stuck and have to hook it to someone or something to get it out. If it's dry, I like the place. More single track than Flat River (St. Joe)

I was out there late last year and it is NOT very dirt bike friendly. If you are willing to drive to or from St. Joe state park (not knowing your location) I would make the trip down to Chadwick. It is way better than finger lakes and you can find something for everyone.

I rode atvs in previous years at Finger lakes and St Joe State park and wish I would have went to Chadwick then. I have been a couple times on the dirtbike to Chadwick and it is a great place to ride. Hope this helps.

Used to ride there all of the time. They changed it trying to improve it and screwed it all up. Rangers are sneaking up at nigth trying to catch weed smokers, Quite time strictkly inforced, ( Can't even talk without complaints ) Old mine site and nasty clay and mud now. Natural drainage screwed up now, Quads are digging holes in the mud pits.

Don't forget any violation in a State Park is a felony I think, If I remember right the new laws that a ranger told me at ST Joe.

Would go there if desperate.:thumbsup::confused::worthy:

Seems like there are fewer and fewer places to ride in the St. Louis metro area. I was thinking about trying out Brushy Ridge in Illinois. Seems like it would be a decent place based on pics and reviews.

glad i read this now i wont waste my time on finger lakes. i rode at brushy ridge a handfull of times last year its really small in comparison to st joe or badlands but its worth a trip to check it out. i also ride locally at southfork dirtriders near taylorville il which is cool if the trails arent flooded and another spot near chandlierville il that i think is named midwest mx.

btw anyone go to washita near farmington mo? went there last year with my jeep and had a blast just not sure how the trails would be on the bike [huge rocks]

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