tire wear meaning

I have a 2008 WR250r with Dunlop 606s on it. Today on a unusual for me 70 mile black top ride i noticed when i got home that the front/leading edge of the front tire has little shavings like of rubber hanging off of it. I dropped my air pressure from 18lbs to 15 lbs the day before, would that do it? If it is just the 'nature of the beast' with these tires, i'll be ok with that, just don't want to further accelerate wear, un-even/cupped type wear, just because of air pressure. The tires have about 700-ish miles on them.

Thank you very much for any advice.:thumbsup:


Your air pressure is a bit low for extended road riding. Dunlop's 2011 brochure lists pressure F & R is 22 and 29 respectively. Most people run lower off road, but for any extended road use, I would tend to go with them, it is their tire. This is right out of their literature, as listed for the WRR. I run my rear about 20-22 al the time, but I seldom ride any distance on the road. I also put it on last fall, so it hasn't seen summer roads yet. I would guess the low pressure has allowed the additional tire heat to give you the results you have. Pump it up, it will probably go away. Skierd rode long distances on his, maybe he knows.

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