best mx chain???

well I tried to search and it was giving me a headache,so who thinks what on which chain is best, I would like one I could ride more than once without adjusting... thanx,TC

oh yea, non O ring,THANX again

D.I.D ert 2


Why not an o-ring chain?

Did 520mx

Rigina ORN6 IMO.

I just took off my ERT2 chain from my 05 KX250 because I was adjusting it constantly. Not because of the "procedure" of adjusting it, but it was wiping out my fricking sprockets! Usually a new, GOOD chain will stretch a little at first, then stay put for a while. I can't remember a time after a ride I didn't have to adjust it.

Yes, the chain/sprockets were installed new.

Yes, I clean/lube/adjust the chain after every ride.

It's a waste of money IMO. It might work good on a 125 smoker or 250F, but not a 250 smoker.

Oh, and my riding time is usually like 2-3 hours max, so it's not like I'm putting 6 solid hours a day on it either.

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