KTM 450 Valve Clearance help

Okay so I have an 2005 KTM xc sitting here that I am looking to do the valves.

I have gotten to the TDC where it should be to do the valves. (The TDC on the compression stroke)

I am trying to adjust the valves to .005 of clearance. Now these valves are so tight that I cannot even get a feeler gauge in there when I back the screws all the way out.

Does this mean I have the wrong TDC or does this mean the valves are sinking into the head and new valves or head is needed?

When I check the valves not at TDC they are loose. But i figured it would be wrong to check the valves not at TDC.

You are obviously at the wrong TDC. Rotate the engine another 360 degrees for the correct TDC, or better yet follow Dave Hopkin's recommendations.

This works perfect for me, every time.

ktmtalk has good valve adjust directions too.

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