09 bogging under load

A friend of mine just recently bought a 09. We took it to a local track today and after the first 5 minutes of riding the bike started bogging under load if u turned the throttle quick, it bogged so bad that it would stall the bike. is this a common issue with this bike? We checked all of the connectors none were loose. We also looked at the throttle body and it looked clean. The bike also was running hot like it was real lean. Any help on would be great.

I had a very similar issue and was recommended to try http://mystarbrite.com/startron//con...14/37/lang,en/ because of ethanol in my gas. I know it sounds weird but it worked for me. I put some of the startron in my tank along with some octane booster and let it run for a while. let it cool down then started it up again and it seemed to cure the problem. havent had any problems yet. hope this helps!

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