Help me pick/Dave's mods

1993 XR650L, K&N, snorkel removed, stock exhaust, 14/48 gearing, gasohol, 1400-2000 elevation riding in Central PA. Did Dave's mods with 5/32 holes, 0.024" washer under needle, ground tab on mixture screw.

I purchased 158/55 and 160/58 from Jets-r-us. Does the gasohol warrant the 160/58's?

many thanks


stock exhaust you might try 158/55 first. dump the KN filter for a UNI.

In CT on gasohol I had to go richer than 55/158, but here in NY it's also gasohol and 55/158 is just fine.

I think in CT it was E10, and here in NY there is some ethanol but it has not gone to 10% (yet), so I'd say try the 55/158 first.

In CT on E10 it not only ran lean, it ran like *crap*.

Death to the corn lobby! (because they are the *only* reason we are stuck running gasohol).


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