suspension - sag question

DRZ 400S, 2004

My rear suspension felt too soft. Read up and checked the sag. Readings for static sag was 85mm. Reading for race sag was 150mm. Way too soft. I am 220 lbs without gear, but not an aggressive rider.

Turned the collar on the spring down until the static sag read 37mm and the race sag read 115mm. There is about 1.25 inches of thread now showing above the locking collar and the spring length is about 9 7/8 inches - close to the minimum length, I think.

Should I continue to compress the spring to 9.75 inches, the specified min? I read that the ideal static sag is 25 to 35 mm with the race sag at 90 to 110mm. So I am getting close but the collar is very difficult to keep turning down.

Went for a ride and it feels firmer so may be good enough.

I believe the spring is OEM - brought bike slightly used. Is there a way to tell? (its yellow like the bike). I don't think I need a heavier spring but could be wrong. Should I continue to adjust my sag? I have never played with the suspension before so don't know much about this, nor have I ridden other bikes to know what is a good set up.

Any guidence is appreciated.


you are about 50lbs too heavy for the stock spring. if you keep adding preload till you get 90-100mm of race sage you will have no static sag. normal when you need a much heavier spring.

Thanks Eddie, I figured that.

Would you suggest the Racetech 5.7 spring for my weight and non-aggressive riding style?

Is it best to just replace the rear spring first before I need to look at modifying anything else like valving or front forks?. The forks feel OK currently. I am assumming I can just put a heavier rear spring in and be satisfied with the improvement.

I appreciate your advice.


Hi, Nick.

I am curious about your findings on this as I am the same weight and am obviously having the same issue with the sag.

Please keep us posted on what you end up doing. I find lots of threads on this, but the people stop posting before they come to a conclusion! :thumbsup:

I am also in Ontario, so I am interested in where you will get the springs.

Good luck

you need more like a 5.9 or a 6.0.

Well, am not going to disagree with the master here, but will add my .02.

I have a 5.7 rear, weigh 220lbs dry, ride moderately, and find the rear very good-far better than stock, but when I'm carrying anything, I would like a little more. I am running only a little pre-load to get the correct sag. I would likely be better off with 5.9.

The front needs more spring-am surprised you find it ok. I went with .48kg/mm in the forks with 7.5w fluid. Would be better at .50.

I didn't re-valve, though that would be a good improvement to aim for.

so, my recommendation: 5.9 rear, spring only. Front .50, 9w oil. Then set your clickers-high speed compression full soft on rear, about 1/3 on front, low speed compression and damping where you want it-about mid-range on front and high (2/3) on back to accomodate the spring.

I think the bike is fine the way it came out of the box. I weigh 216lbs and ride aggressively half of the time pending who I ride along with. But all in all the bike is great. From Highway to byway.


Ok, I Eddie and others have indicated that 5.7 rear spring will be still too soft. It appears the next stiffer available spring is 6.0. I am hoping this won't be too stiff. Comments before I order. I plan to go with 5.0 front springs.

Again I am 220 without gear and a non-agressive rider.

Don't want to order the wrong springs

You might look at Factory Connection Springs they offer a 5.8,5.9 & 6.1 that would work as well.

How aggressive you ride really doesn't make a difference in spring rates. The main function of the springs is to set ride height. To tune for an aggressive rider you would work with the valving.

How aggressive you ride really doesn't make a difference in spring rates. The main function of the springs is to set ride height. To tune for an aggressive rider you would work with the valving.

Perfect explanation :thumbsup:

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