Did anybody see Hansen's kick ?


Did anybody see Hansen kick at cunningham with his right leg over the triple right after tomac pushed him off the track ? i just watched it again on youtube because I wasn't sure last nite with my beer goggles on. What's that about ? what a &%$#@!.

post the youtube link

I still have it on the DVR, I will check it out again after work, but I am almost positive you are mistaking someone using their legs for balance as a kick. I wouldn't put a move like that past Hansen but I remember seeing him throw his leg out but I didn't see any evidence that he was kicking at someone.

This thread is useless without youtube link.

He wasn't kicking at another rider. Some do that to catch their balance. Hansen was off after coming out of the corner and then coming off the jump weird. Drama Drama Drama.

why did he not start in the LCQ?

I just watched it on youtube, definitely looks like he was trying to kick Cunningham in the air. Watch at 6:18 his leg is straight out to the side.


His leg definately comes out! Although, I am not sure that it wasn't because his body position was out of whack a little bit coming off the jump. But it's Hansen so I am sure it was done intentionally.

Why would somebody try and kick someone over a triple? More than likely, you'd both go down hard!

I think Hassen was trying to tap Cunningham with his foot....It has that "IM PISSED" look...that just my 2 cents.......

looks like he looked over as he stuck his leg out..

Definitely looks like a kick, but Cunningham was at least 2-3 feet clear of it so I'm not sure of the purpose. I'll give him the benefit of doubt here and call it a defensive maneuver to keep the Yami off him, but I wouldn't bet on it.

He was so far away that there was no hope of a "kick" connecting - I think it was more symbolic. Kind of a using the leg version of an upraised fist (or upraised middle finger, except without the fine). When I saw it live, I assumed that it was accompanied by an expletive. I also assumed that there was a "you, too" coming back from Cunningham.

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