99 dr650 clutch noise

Just bought a 99 dr650 with an 09 dr650 motor. When i pull the clutch lever it makes a creeking noise. I lubed the cable and it still makes the same noise. it sounds like it is coming from where the cable is attached to the engine. The person i bought it from suggested maybe he routed the cable wrong when he did the motor swap. i checked the routing and it seemed up to par. being new to the dr's i am not sure if this is a normal noise or not.

any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.

when I say creeking noise I mean the noise a door in an old house would make when you open it slowly. hopefully this will help everyone understand what noise I'm talking about.

So is this a normal noise? If not is that mechanism on the engine side of the clutch cable bad?

Spray a little penetrating lubricant over the rubber sleeve ends. It sounds like dry rubber moving against itself or the cable inner flexing slightly.



Maybe it's the cable end itself in the arm that is making the noise... if not it might be time for a new clutch cable.

So if not the cable then does that actuator that the cable is hooked to need lubrication? It seems as though the noise is coming from there.

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