ruts and mx teacher

So today tried practicing ruts and man do i suck!!! rut wasnt even deep and i just could not stay in it!:thumbsup: Wasnt riding to my full potential but still no excuse, I could get into the part that was straight but when i got to the part that started to turn i would fall out. Also in a week or two im going to have a local mx teacher teach me how to ride a motocross track, 50 bucks per day which i thought to be an incredible deal. ive never been on an mx track, anyone had experience with mx trainers when starting motocross?

iv been to MTF (milsapps training facility)

for ruts MOST important thing is looking ahead at least to the end of the rut. then you get to the other details: smooth constant throttle, 'blipping' the throttle through the rut will cause your bike to stand up and hic-up through the rut

keep your outside peg weighted (left handed rut, weight the right peg) and aggressive RPMs

once you get comfortable you can start dragging the front brake,this will keep the front of your bike planted and 'biting' throught the whole rut for complete traction.

and KEEP YOUR LEG HIGH! if you bad your leg your body will react with letting off the gas again causing your bike to stand up and over shoot the rut or result in a tip over/high side

so when entering: look through the rut,keep outside peg weighted,high RPMs,leg up,if comfortable with it drag the front brake slightly,and DONT BLIP THE THROTTLE OR DAB YOUR FOOT

iv been to MTF (milsapps training facility)

so when entering: look through the rut,keep outside peg weighted,high RPMs,leg up,if comfortable with it drag the front brake slightly,and DONT BLIP THE THROTTLE OR DAB YOUR FOOT

I rode for the first time in ruts the other day and I did every single one of those things you said not to do/ did not do all the things you said to. It was demoralizing. On the ride home I had all sorts of better Ideas on how to ride the ruts better but i couldn't put it together at the track.... I think I was overwhelmed by the track being just one whole rut!

yeah it takes a while to get used to for sure but when you do its soo much fun to rail a rut and drag the bars

This may be your problem now, but just know in the future when you try to go faster through them the faster you go the sooner you have to do everything. So if you try to go really fast through them you pretty much have to be leaned all the way over right as your front tire gets to the rut and then you fall into it and you can rail it. But it's so annoying trying to go faster through them and the harder you try the worse you do. The faster you go the sooner you have to do everything:thumbsup:

Also as soon as you get into it you have to force yourself to look at the end of it and roll on the throttle as much as possible (accelerating will stand you up.)

And one more thing, keep your foot up as highhhhhhhhh as you can. Try to get it by the front fender. If it's hovering the ground you will unconsciously only lean far enough just so that your foot does not hit the ground. If you have it up on top of the radiator you can lean as far as you need without interference.

And one more thing, on some of the reallyyyyy tight turns like on a mini bike corner track you have to sometimes actually turn your bars the way your turning to get your bike around it.

I do a lot of laps on a tight corner track:busted:

Leaning over though and slamming into a rut is an entirely new feeling though so you have to get used to it.

the leg you stick out also point your toe almost duck-footed towards your front fender,this will keep your leg squeezing the bike for better control

The faster you go the sooner you have to do everything:thumbsup:

+1!!! This is where I foul out the worst. I either don't carry enough speed to the rutted turn, and the bike wants to fall, due to no momentum. OR, I can't commit to leaning it over far enough. Definitely gonna have to work on the "foot to the fender" trick...Turns are the hardest parts for me. I actually do pretty decent on jumps. 'course, it's easier to launch a dirtbike than a quad...

Im learning that the more speed I have going through the first half of the rut/turn the easier it is to roll on the throttle. If I choose to almost stop at the beginning of it and then try to make speed through it I have more trouble. The leg position is a huge factor. If I'm not going fast enough the leg seems to be lower. The more the leg is up at the shroud/shock and toes pointed inward, the faster and easier the rut feels. Also outside elbow UP is big!!

BTW my 10yo son figured these rutted turns out this past weekend and railed the things, was pretty cool watching and learned from the little guy (leg up, elbow up, smooth speed, etc). Had to laugh at myself thinking: "Wish I could do that like that."

interesting...sounds exactly identical to my turning "isms"...

The one or two rare times that i do roll on the gas coming to the turn, it does track in smoother... and if i can bring my boot level with the top of the shroud, it does help lean over more; guessing this is both subconscious and balance related? Usually my boot is dragging along about a foot away from the bike, parallel with the engine case; far from where it should be...

i guess i just need to speed my brain up! i know the techniques i need to use, just can't go through them in real time; i.e. high 2nd gear speed

Sorry if i'm thread jacking!

yeah smooth power squats the rear down and makes the wheel base extend causing it to track better

Suspension setup is important as well as all the techniques mentioned. Make sure sag is set right, bike is sprung for your weight, etc. As far as clickers, you can do a search and read up on the techniques on this forum.

Keeping your leg up high is something I've been working on and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! I look ahead but I have a tendency to keep my leg just dangling in the breeze. Getting the leg up high and getting the elbow way up, looking ahead, being aggressive does wonders.

I just rode my local track this weekend, and can definitely attest to the benefits of getting my inside leg UP! Doing this, and forcing myself to look at the end of the turn, not the section 10 feet ahead of me helped out a TON! By the time i rode my last few laps around the track for the day, i could go almost full throttle 2nd gear, through the same turn that i was coasting through a couple weeks back.

Not sure if its been mentioned before in this thread but lean with the bike! Don't sit on the outside of the seat , i was the worst at rutted corners but i'm getting alot better , i get foward on the seat and get my leg out in one move just before i enter the rut, i lean with the bike and i feel like i'm going to fall to the inside apply the throttle then which stops you from falling centrefugal force kinda takes over and holds you up next thing your railing the rutt , you know when you get it right its such a buzz ..... Instead of the rutts slowing you down and being your enemy they speed you up and are your best friend on the track ..

Just like the others said. Leg up and toes pointed forward. LEAN the bike over and stay smooth on the gas. Look forward and stay forward on the seat. I used to avoid ruts religously but decided to start practicing and now I go looking for ruts to practice. Its a great feeling railing a rut faster than you could before.

Tony 477g? are you racing with othg?

Tony 477g? are you racing with othg?

not sure what you mean with othg. Also thanks everyone for all the help definitely going to try out your tips. never thought of lifting leg higher but will try it out either tomorrow or next day

I have been lurking on this thread and have to say...


I purposely slowed way down from my usual goon like cornering thinking I was railing.

I forced myself to go over each of the tips listed here and let me tell you, holly hell they work.

I am a very slow out of shape old ****er. I felt like a fool, going around a corner slower than the 50's were going with my leg held up high and not even leaning much, just to get the feeling down.

At the end of the night, I was WAY faster/smother in the corners than last week.

Thumper Talk is awesome, I don't expect to be the next RC, but I still like to go fast and tips/threads like this are helping quite a bit.

now off to the arm pump thread......

yeah, this particular thread was an EPIC help! I make it a point to practice this on every turn, and it works!

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