Ca I paint my pipe?

Just picked up this 1991 KX250 and a 2004 KX65 for $1600.

Yesterday I washed mine (the kid didn't wash his).

It looks pretty good. Runs far as I can tell.

The pipe has a plate riveted to it that says "Pro Circuit". Is that stock standard from 1991? How about the "Boysen Reeds", is that standard?

The blue forks? Those stock or after market....I'm thinking stock as I've seen them on others.

But the pipe?. As you can see, it 100% rust. Are they paintable with some hi-temp exhaust paint? I mean...yea....sure they are. They are paintable with white-out too.:thumbsup: But does that paint stick and come out looking alright? Should look better than this?.



You can paint it with high temp paint after you remove the rust. It might look pretty good if you hit it with some steel wool and some WD-40 though. I would try that first before you paint it and see how you like the natural look.

Get that pipe sanded down really smooth before you try to paint it. Then run over it with something a little bit grittier and make sure it's 100% dust free.

I have used Rustoleum Gloss High Temp Black before with great results. Something that gets as hot as a pipe will come out real nicely. The paint is pretty durable too, but it's not like it's going to stand up to rocks or really gritty sand. Your best bet is to powdercoat it if you're going to be beating on it.

i actually JUST repainted mine the other night. it came out looking REALLY nice. if you want, i can post up some pictures of it. it was a good bit of work though. wire wheels and a drill and a lot of beer to get it done.

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