Problems taking the oil filters out on my '02 400 exc

Taking out the oil filters on my '02 400 exc is a pain in the ass.

I am using reusable stainless steel filters and whenever i have to take them out to clean them it takes me a long time.

Today i just gave up and only clened one of the two 'cause i was struggling for over half an hour and the filter just wouldnt come out.

The way i do it is by using electrician pliers i try to open upo the pliers at the center of the filterand to pull it out.

It had worked for me the previous times i had done it, it has never been easy since the roudness of the external side of the plier slips but it had worked out. Today i just couldn't.

Is there abetter way to do it?

I have even tought of welding a very tiny piece of metal to the outer side of the filter to be able to pull it from it.

I have seen a tool that they sell to pull the filters out but it only works on repleaceble filters since it punches a hole through the filter in order to pull it out.

Motion Pro makes a tool. I just use needle nose plyers.

I do it the way you describe. I have thot about putting a screw in the end for ease of removal if the current way fails. Just drill a hole in the end and secure a screw there, will give something to grab.

I just bought one of those reverse pliers from Sears. It works perfectly.

Snap ring pliers work the best for me, even the repair manual recommends them too.

I use a cheap method:

Get about 10" of bailing wire(thin safety wire), put a small, half fish-hook bend in it, put a full loop on the other end for your finger to fit into. I just "fish"(put the fish hook sideways to fit past the the filter top) the partial bend underneath the top side of the filter and pull up.

Do you have a hardware/home supply near you (Like a Home depot or Lowes?)

Find a small suction cup, most hardware stores have them in the bath section as they are used to stick mirrors the shower. They also use them to hang those light catcher/stained glass things on windows.

Well they ALSO just happen to be the same size as our filters.

Just stick it on the filter and "snnuuuuck" they pull right out!

My suction puller even has it's own place on the tool peg-board now.

Necessity is the mother of invention you know!

I just pick up the bike and shake it 'till they fall out. :thumbsup:

Scrap the ss filters. Not fine enough filtering

eBay has hi flows and k&n's too cheap.


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