1/4 missing spitting spuddering RMZ450 06

I got a 2006 RMZ450, new valves, springs, piston, ( wiseco ) and new wiseco crank. At 1/4 throttle it spits and spudders, coughs, hesitates really bad. It just works bad at 1/4 throttle only. Clean air filter, adjusted pilot jet, then rejetted up. No exhaust leaks, no intake leaks. Only at 1/4 throttle, can be coming on to it and it missing bad, but once over 1/4 it runs great. under 1/4 works great too. Can be going along in 4th up a dirt road if you hold at 1/4 throttle it just misses really bad. Doesn't back fire when it misses. Can someone help me?


Worn out needle jet emulsion tube.

if i was to ordrr the pwrt what do i call it

So many people call it different things. It is the tube teh main jet screws into and what the needle slides in and out of.

Its called a Main nozzle on the OEM parts pic. I ordered it today. $35. Thanks I will let you know how I make out

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