How should it feel?

Okay as of now I do not have the money to get my suspension re valved and what not so i am going to make do with what I have. I made a thread earlier which helped me and my suspension is a tooonn better but im still confused as to how my front suspension and rear suspension is supposed to act coming into corners flat bermed and rutted, going over rocks, hitting jumps etc.

Is it possible to explain how the suspension is supposed to feel? And whats the best feeling for it? or is it all completely personal preference?

thanks guys.

its totally personal, some like to feel every ripple, and some like to have it like a pillow, but if the suspension is slowing you down significantly maybe you need to consider having more work done.

What bike is is? as many have known good bad points.

first things first. are the springs right for your weight?

I ride a 2001 rm125.

It has enzo forks. The front and rear shock rate are unknown but I was told they are done for a 180-190 lb rider. im about 200 in street clothes.

At this point in time I do not have enough money for springs or revalve so u want to make do with what I have because it is only off by a little. Yes that little will make a world of difference but for personal being id like to know how the bike is supposed to even feel.

Personally i would expect it (and want) it to feel like a pillow, very plush and forgiving but be rigid to pull through some tough terrain. haha sounds like i desperately need a revalve and new springs.

well you can measure your front and rear sags rider and free sag and that will tell use your spring rates in terms of how close they are for you

then it would be helpful to know your clicker settings

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