Died on Decel, won't start

2003 E: Warmed up the bike for about ten mins around the block, once warmed up, I ran through the gears pretty fast and when I backed off the throttle and started to decelerate, it spit and sputtered, and then died. I couldn't get it started again, let it cool off a bit, still won't start.

Any ideas?


sure it has gas? i know,seems basic but several bikes a year get towed in with dry tanks.

I'm bringing it too you on Friday afternoon, but was hoping to bring it in running. Yes, gas.

Possibley water in gas

stock flywheel?

stock flywheel

ever done the loctite on the starter clutch bolts?

Done all the loctites. Even bumped the clutch bolts to 12.1 (I think). Highest I could go.

pull the air filter and spray a little carb cleaner in the intake and see if it fires. if it does you know you have a fuel delivery issue.

Pulled the fuel line. Opened the petcock and get fuel to flow (not petcock issue), looked a fuel color and smelled (smelled like it might have started to destabilize), reattached fuel line. For about a minute of cranking (choke on/choke off), wanted to fire, but couldn't. FINALLY got it to fire. Idled fine, no unusual engine noise. The fuel I had added from an empty tank earlier this week, I BELIEVE was newer fuel. I could have added older fuel. I suppose it was fuel that had started to destabilize, guess it doesn't take long. Thanks for the ear and recommendations. I'll catch you on Friday afternoon.

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