Clutch expertise please

I purchased a 2007 SUZUKI RM125...I am still learning clutch issues...

the bike had a tough time would shift from 2nd gear into neutral quite often...I went ahead and replaced all the clutch parts( basket, plates, bearing, pressure plate, springs, bolts, and rear basket grommets.

Decided to go with the Barnett basket with replaceable fingers...

I am still having the same issues and now I am seeing metal particles in my tranny fluid...the basket is gold and the flakes that are coming are gold as well...

I can't start the bike in 2nd gear(cold) with the clutch pulled tries to lunge forward...once warmed and I try to shift into 2nd gear, it makes a godawful grinding noise...seems to upshift and downshift ok under load in 3rd, 4th, and 5th

the old basket was a hinson and was pretty chewed was chewed up all the way around the basket like are some pics...

Thanks in advance!!

Can anyone tell me what would cause this?


Not being able to start in gear with the clutch pulled in is fairly normal.

Your old basket looks like something let go inside the transmission, and started chewing it up. Now whatever is left of that is chewing up the rest of your transmission.

Unfortunately, you're going to have to tear the engine apart, especially with 2nd gear not working at all. Expect to find 2nd gear's dog teeth to be destroyed, and be ready to replace all bearings in the transmission. With the amount of metal shavings you're talking about, I think the bearings will be pretty well destroyed as well.

:thumbsup: WOW!!!!! That's not "pretty chewed up" it's DESTROYED. Don't run the bike any more!!!! you might still save the cases and the new parts you just put in.

Pull the engine and split the cases. While you are at it, break out the wallet, this is gonna hurt!!!

In all seriousness, your tranny is probably destroyed. Split the cases and start hunting for pieces. I bet the transmission dogs and every gear is trashed. Start watching ebay for a complete transmission or bottom end. If you buy a complete bottom end, split the cases anyway and put a crank in it.

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