Nike mx boots

Any word on a release date at all?

im in the market for some new boots. would buy a pair of nikes in a second!!

More than likely you will not be able to get any. How many of the pro riders even get them? And knowing Nike, even if they do release them to the general public, major raping to you wallet will be involved.

probably never, its like trying to get a red bull helmet. only for the gifted few

Nike will make a big "to do" when they start selling to the public.....

I'm hoping converse comes out with a Chuck Taylor version :thumbsup:

Nike has said that there are no intentions of releasing the boots for production. They were only designed/engineered to support Nike's factory riders. Hopefully that changes someday. They look pretty sweet!

currently only two riders have them.. Dungy and Stewert.

If they are realesed to public which nike has said they wont be. The cost of them will probably be easily in the 1,000 range..

Nike will allways over charge due to their name and second they use alot of carbon fiber parts in them which nike will over charge because its called carbon fiber..

I hope they work well, they are the ugliest boots ever made.

Nike also makes Equestrian boots, but not available to Joe Public. Only the select Nike sponsored horse riders get to use them. I would sport ADIDAS MX boots though. lol

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