1996 cr 250 cylinder

Can anyone tell me if a 1996 CR250 cylinder is Nicasil coated from stock?

yes. basicly ALL cylinders are coated from the factory.

and i would NOT sleev it with a metal one. you will hate life and ruin a 96 250 motor with doing so.

i was just wondering because some piston companies give multiple sizes for stock eg.

66.34mm, 66.35mm, 66.36mm, and 66.37mm and others just have 66.4mm as stock size so i am wondering which one to order or does it not make a difference?

deffinitly makes a diffrence. you have to messure your bore and get the right piston for the size of your cylinder bore.

Thx chopper i took my cylinder into work and measured it looks like i need a 66.34 piston for it.

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