Pants? Moose?

Hey guys, I know all you bike riders gear up well.

Me, I ride 4 wheels and have not found boots I am happy with. Since footwear is not as critical on the ATV's I just keep wearing tactical style boots. My problem is that I really like riding gear, but am looking for more options on pants.

Yeah, I know they make over-the-boot pants... I have some. I am just not too fond of the zip-off legs or the fact they are huge on bottom and I burn holes in them.

So what I am looking at now is in-boot pants that might have large enough ankles to fit over tactical boots? Moose brand pants seem to look that large at the bottom in pictures. But no one here carries much so I always have to order.

i believe they are elastic bottoms...should work?

ever think about heat shields or heat tape, will pay for itself so u don;t have to keep replacing riding gear.

i wore over the boot pants on my KFX no issues.

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