studdering at elevation

I live at 760' but do a lot of riding close to 2000' and may do some occasional riding at 3,000 to short touches of 5,000'.

When riding the dirt I haven't noticed the studder, but the other day we did a rode trip and it was a little much,,, and it was warmer than a lot of the riding weve' been doing thru the winter. I noticed it at higher speeds mostly.

Were am I ? on the rich side? If so would 10% or under ethonal or straight gas be better to level it out? Or what else might be happening?

We are planning a trip from Knoxville, Tn. to the Outerbanks NC, so I imagine a may have to rejet just to get over the mountains if it is studering at 2000 feet.

Thanks for any insight.

smog removed, haven't gotten around to pulling the carb yet, stock exhaust and paper filter, PO said the person he got the bike from drilled 2 holes in the exhaust. Hoping it's rich.

Sorry if this needs to be moved to the jetting area,

Oh xr 650L if that helps for these questions.

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You are rich. For 3000+ft use one step leaner main jet and lower the needle a clip. For 5000+ go another main jet and clip position leaner.

These won't be perfect but the bike will run well enough.

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