Will honda crf450 plastic fit a honda cr250?

Hey guys, i just acquired a 2000 honda cr250 that is in pretty good shape except the plastic needs replacing. I really like the crf body work better than i do the 2000 cr 250 plastic. Is it possible to fit crf250 or crf450 plastic to my bike? I do appreciate any info you can give me.

a lot of the 02-04 CRF plastic is the same. Front fender, # plate, fork guards, rear disc guards.

Shrouds and side panels look similar. Best bet is to get into Servicehonda.com use the advanced parts look up and once you select the part, click the WHERE USED button.

nope .. only the front fender will fit ...anything is possible with modification and skill

Not much switches over from the 2 stroke to 4 stroke. I had a 2002 cr250 and 2003 CRF450R, they looked the same but the side plates and Radiator shrouds did not work on each other.

Like terrobelone said, anything is possible with some modification. There are quite a few threads of people updating their 1st and 2nd Gen CR's with Gen 3+ plastics. If you do a little digging around and searching, you should be able to find some of these threads. People have recently been swapping to the 09+ plastics (rad shrouds, front plate, and fender), but no word yet about if anyone has tried the subframe to see if they can get the 09+ rear plastics to fit up.

The shrouds will need brackets, the side number plates have no chance.

Edit: If you want to get the 02+ airbox, then the 02+ number plates will fit.

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Im buying a 02 cr250r. Will my 06 crf250r plastics match up?

Only the front fender fits.

Everything else won't b/c

crf250 has a gen 4 frame whereas the CR250 has gen 3 frame.

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